Literal Bible Timeline

“The Cully Bible Timeline is an incredibly accurate dating of Biblical history based on a very careful study of the Biblical account. I believe it is a significant improvement to the classic Bible timeline of Bishop Ussher. I highly recommend it to any serious student of the Bible.”

Rev. Jack Herman, Senior Pastor, Perry Alliance Church, Shermans Dale, PA, and former Senior Pastor, Cherry Tree Alliance Church, Uniontown, PA

This Bible timeline, printed on both sides of an 8”X 8” sheet with one vertical fold in the center to make a 4” X 8” bookmark, can be kept in your study Bible for easy reference. At the top of the page is a picture of the Bible timeline in my study Bible. The font is larger than the text in my study Bible and is easy to read.


To my knowledge, no other published Bible timeline is based on a widely accepted historical date to determine the date of Creation using only scriptural references… without any gaps or estimates. Bible references are included so you can easily understand how I compiled the timeline and verify it is Biblically accurate. More importantly, you will clearly see the Bible contains all the information needed to go back in time to Creation from a known and widely accepted historical date.

Some interesting information that I became aware of while putting this timeline together:

            • Noah’s father Lamech was 56 years old when Adam died
            • Abram (Abraham) was 58 years old when Noah died
            • 17 years after Noah died, Abram (Abraham) entered Canaan and God established a covenant with Abraham
            • Jacob was 15 years old when Abraham died
            • Oral history could have easily passed directly from Adam to Lamech to Noah to Abraham to Jacob
            • Abraham was born 1948 years after Creation, and the modern nation of Israel was born in 1948 A.D.
            • Joseph was sold into slavery when he was 17 years old, and Jacob lived in Egypt 17 years

A number of years ago, I was a member of the Morgantown, WV, Christian & Missionary Alliance Church, and was elected to the church’s Governing Board where I served for 3 years. In-depth Bible studies were taught at the church’s Alliance Bible Study Center (ABSC). Many of the courses offered were Kay Arthur’s Precept-Upon-Precept Bible Studies published by Precept Ministries International. I regularly attended these Precept-Upon-Precept Bible studies over a period of 12 years. One of the many courses I completed was a study of the book of Genesis. A timeline based on the genealogies in Chapters 5 and 11 was included in the study materials for this course. Using this short timeline as a starting point, I decided to see how much of a timeline I could put together solely based on scripture.

I carefully read through my New American Standard Bible to compile a timeline that starts with the Creation of Adam (and Eve) and continues to the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple as recorded in 2 Chronicles 36. I then plugged the widely accepted date of 586 B.C. for the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple into my timeline and worked back to a date of 4,162 B.C. for Creation. After completing my timeline, I went back through the Bible again to verify the accuracy of my timeline. My wife has checked my timeline using the King James Version of the Bible. Rev. Jack Herman also carefully reviewed my timeline during his time as senior pastor of Cherry Tree Alliance Church in Uniontown, PA.